Auf dem Weg - 2016
Die Strukturen Serie zeigt die einzigartigen unique geological formations of Hungary. Each of the photos was taken at a different location, such as the basalt organ pipes of Szent György Hill, the movable stones of Pákozd or even the lace-like strokes of the Egerszalók Salt Hill. And while the series is about a truly enormous area, the overall effect of the images is unified: the ancientness of the forms, the boundless tranquility and the mystery of nature appears in every photo. Another common attribute is the rock: the slow-forming, many-sided material reflects the presence throughout the ages, the power of time. 

For the sake of deeper reception, the formations are presented out of their surroundings. During the photo session I used light painting: I illuminated the shapes with the help of a drone and then captured them in this special glow. The dramatic contrasts increase the visibility of textures, giving you the finest details of the surfaces. 
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